Everyone wants to live healthy and if you are a regular cigarette smoker this might seem a little difficult. At the same time, quitting smoking is also difficult due to years of being used to it. You are not only physically, but also psychologically used to it. So we decided to bring to you the cure the middle way, that is through electronic cigarettes. Electronic cigarette, also known as e cigarette use electricity to form the smoke and no nicotine or tobacco is used in these. So you get to smoke harm free. It is getting popular by the day and more and more people are opting for this healthy choice.
Get it from the best in the market
We are the leading Eletronic Cigarette suppliers in the UK and have been in the business for many years. This makes us the trusted brand for e cigarettes. We make the whole experience of choosing the healthier option better for you by providing expert advice and bringing to you a variety of options to choose from. You can trust us on the quality, cost and customer service. Every aspect you would look for when making this choice is right here.
We understand your needs
Whether you are new to using e-cig or an experience user, we understand your needs and provide options accordingly. You can choose from the number of options available or just drop us an email and we would help you choose the right option for yourself through our experts’ advice. This would help you get the best choice for yourself.
We get it to you fast and safe
We have a record of delivering all eletronic cigarettes orders within a 24 hour window from the time an order is placed. We accept orders from all over UK and around. You can choose the delivery option between express and regular and accordingly the time taken varies. Regular is more of an economic option. Also, in case you have a bulk order, we bear the delivery charges.
Saving you the money
Traditional cigarettes are not only harmful to health, but are also very expensive. However, if you choose an e-cig you save thousands of pounds a year, giving you more money to cater to the important expenses. Our products are tested, tried and then supplied and hence are the best in the e cig UK industry. What’s more, all our e cigs are UK certified organic e cigs. None of e-cig does smell or stain because the smoke is instead vapor caused by the liquid inside the e-cig.
The Proof
Originality is not an issue when you are buying an electronic cigarette from us. All our insurances and documentations are in place so that you don’t have to worry about it.
Always there to help you
In case of any doubt or concern, we have a 24×7 helpline service where our well trained and experience staff is happy to help you with anything you need. So you can either call or email us and receive the reply to your query as soon as possible.
Our Vision
We aim at providing the best quality of eletronic cigarettes to our customers and keeping them pocket friendly at the same time. At the same time, we ensure that the quality is not compromised with no matter what. You may find the same kind of products for a lesser price, but trust us, those are only duplicates. We also conduct regular checks on our suppliers and delivery systems to make sure only the best and the right product reaches you.
We welcome you aboard to a healthier, better lifestyle with our state of the art products.